Daisies of Summer

Daisy-like flowers are a frequent and welcome sight in summer . . . they adorn a number of plants of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are great as cut flowers and others make wonderful accents in the garden. Here are some familiar and not-so-familiar favorites:

Shasta Daisy
High on the list for outstanding cut flowers in summer is the Shasta Daisy. This one to three-foot tall perennial is a hardy grower and prolific bloomer all summer long. The flowers, in most cases, have white petals with golden centers. They prefer a moist, well-drained location that gets more sun than shade. Water regularly and feed with Super Bloom to encourage large flowers and prolonged bloom. Keep the old blooms snipped to encourage continuous flowering through the summer.

Gloriosa Daisy
For those who prefer earthy colors, there is the Gloriosa Daisy or Black-Eyed Susan. This hot sun lover reaches 4 feet high with 4-6 inch blooms in yellow, orange, mahogany, maroon and stripes. They bloom summer through fall and most have the traditional black center.

Blanket Flower
For cut flowers in the same colors, you can count on the Blanket Flower. This perennial blooms continuously from June through September in red, yellow and orange. Some strains have red petals with yellow tips.

These are mounding little golden daisies that grow in full sun and bloom most of the warm season, spring through fall.  They look nice with grasses, giving the impression that a stream must be nearby. Also seen in pale yellow as well as wine red.

Santa Barbara Daisy
One of the easiest daisies to grow, and very water-wise.  Adds a sparkle to the flower garden, usually grows about 12″ high and 18″ wide.