Lenten Rose


Winter blooming Hellebore is showing off its blooms right now. Helleborus orientalis or Lenten Rose is an often overlooked star in the winter garden, blooming for as long as 4 months, the 2 ft. high perennial deserves a mention as a great addition to a shade garden.

It is a classic, old-fashioned garden flower for shade; a wonderful addition.  It is hardy and easy to grow; known to outlive the gardeners who love it and it blooms in shade.

Lenten Rose, It may be old-fashioned, but the collection now includes new hybrids and cultivars with interesting colors from wine-red to chartreuse.

lentinHellebores grow in moist organic, well-drained soils. Perfect for a woodland garden. They are hardy and long-lived, and we have a number of them blooming in the nursery now…. consider where you might plant one or more!