Keep the Harvest Coming!

You aren’t tired of tomatoes yet, are you? Should we ask your neighbors how they feel about your zucchini harvest? Here in California, we have another 6 to 10 weeks of productive growing time left. To ensure that there will be more to come, take the following steps:

Fertilize your summer vegetable garden monthly to receive the highest production possible using Master’s Tomato and Vegetable Food or EB Stone Tomato and Vegetable Food.  Remember, water one day, feed the next. Avoid feeding when hot, 90 plus.


Summer vegetable garden maintenance is most important this month.

  • Fertilizing will keep your plants producing right up to the cooler weather.
  • Check for insect or disease damage. Bring a sample of the damage into the nursery and we’ll diagnose it for you and recommend the best cure.
  • Water cucumbers a lot and tomatoes deeply but infrequently (twice a week or less). Harvest frequently.
  • Finally, if the plant is finished with its production, remove it. Leaving an old or damaged plant will only spread diseases to the rest of the garden.

Prepare vegetable plots for winter gardens. Use our Recipe for Good Garden Soil. Mix into a depth of eight inches. Add Master’s Tomato and Vegetable Food or EB Stone Tomato and Vegetable Food and you’re ready to plant. Come into the Nursery and choose 6-packs of winter vegetables or seeds. Among them select peas, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, and more.