Tri-valley water users have  reduced water use by 48% but are in danger of losing trees.

  • Trees need to be watered throughout the root zone, from the trunk out to the edge of the leaf canopy, (Soaker hoses are great for this, spiraling out from the trunk of the tree)
  • Trees need a deep soak immediately and at least monthly to survive.
  • Rule of thumb: give trees 1 gallon of water for each square foot of shade they -provide. Doing so moistens soil to an 18″ depth.   Do this once a month.
  • Add at least 3″ of mulch throughout the root zone of the tree. (up to 7″ is better). Don’t mulch up against the tree trunk.

A recent report published by the water districts shows that tri-valley residents over-shot conservation measures which means we are in danger of losing trees. We were asked to cut back 23%, we cut back 48%. The inevitable loss of trees and large landscape shrubs will negatively affect our whole community’s quality of life including temperature moderation and overall aesthetic beauty.
Please water your trees! And ask your neighbors to water theirs too!

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