Happy Wanderer – Vine Lilac

The Happy Wanderer Vine Lilac or Hardenbergia violacea is making quite a show of itself, blooming in the nursery right now. It is a beautiful, climbing vine with some winning attributes; it is drought tolerant, winter blooming and evergreen, to name a few.

It’s the cascade of purple blooms brightening the garden in late winter and early spring that makes this vine stand out most. Few other plants are blooming at this time and this one looks fabulous!

An Australian native, growing to about 10′ Happy Wanderer Vine Lilac can handle both sun and bright shade. It is hardy to about 20 degrees and at 10 ft. it won’t get out of hand.  It is perfect for climbing up a small structure such as an obelisk, or tumbling out of a large container. It has been successfully grown over a small arbor as well. It can also be used as a bank cover by pinning the branches down. Did we mention it’s evergreen? What’s not to like about this beauty?

Available in a variety of sizes. Plant and enjoy now, then cut back after bloom to prevent tangling.