Tea Camellias

Consider Growing your Tea.

A beautiful collection of tea camellias (Camellia sinensis) have shipped into the nursery, and are blooming with delicate white flowers now.

Who on your gift list enjoys a warm cup of tea to warm the morning soul, or soothe the afternoon stress? What could be more delightful than to give the gift of a living tea plant?  Bring beauty to a bright-shade garden and provide a very personal supply of tea leaves to a tea lover in your life. So why wait? Come in and finish your shopping!

Growing Climate

Camellia sinensis – or Tea Camellia grows in a broad variety of climates around the world. Tea is grown commercially in both tropical & temperate zones including China, Japan, and the US.

In our area, the Tea Camellia plant prefers a bright shade location.  The morning sun side of your house or under the dappled shade of a large tree would suit the plant well.

Soil should remain moist, not wet and drain should drain well.  It also needs to be kept on the acidic side. Therefore, plant all camellias in a mixture of Nurseryman’s Acid Planting Mixed 75% with 25% native soil. Feed with Azalea Camelia food and treat 2-3 times a year with Iron Sulfate to keep the pH on the acidic side.


Tea is harvested as the first flush of leaves emerge in early spring.  Another can occur when a second and possible third flush of leaves appear in late spring/summer. Flowers arrive in fall; ours are blooming now.