Quilting class with Alex Anderson

Improvisational 3-Day Play Date

March 9-11, 2018, 9am to 4pm

$329 includes lunch each day

Join Alex for a fun improvisational long weekend

In this class, you will construct a small art piece as you set aside the traditional rules of quilt making.

Alex Anderson is an internationally known quilter and friend of Alden Lane. She lives in Livermore.

You will learn freeform piecing techniques and various approaches to machine appliqué.

We will also discuss straight-line quilting. You will stretch your creative muscles in ways you have never expected.

Open your heart and mind as we bust the “quilt police’.

Call Alden Lane Nursery today to register for this class, (925) 447-0280.  Ask for Cyndee, Ruth, Carole or Carina.

See you in March!