Alden Academy 2018

Welcome to the Alden Academy Series of Gardening Tutorials featuring helpful, experienced gardening coaches. We will guide you (IN PERSON and not electronically) through a series of subjects, visually making them easy to understand and meant to give you very satisfying results and horticultural success.


($45.00) February 10th 9 am to 1 pm Seasons Building
A morning packed with three inspiring speakers! The first hour Shawna Anderson, an inspirational presenter will show us how we can achieve fabulous Potted Perfection, demonstrating the art of Container Gardens, the next hour we are thrilled to have author Claire Splan instruct us in the many ways we can grow veggies in small spaces with an emphasis on vertical gardening. Our 3rd hour is devoted to Everything Citrus, with Don Dillon of Four Winds Growers.  Sweet and Savory Bakery will cater a scrumptious lunch following the three classes. There are more details about on or Passport to Spring page.


March 10th 9 am to 10 am Garden Store Deck ($10.00 )
Vegetable gardening is a sizable subject to cover in a small amount of time, but this tutorial covers growing from seeds indoors and out, soil prep, locations, appropriate crops for spring and summer, fertilizing, and pests. Dress warmly, as we will be outside.


April 14th 9 to 10 am Seasons Building ($10.00)
We will continue the Veggie theme with container gardening and raised beds, soils and amendments, watering, the timing of crops, and planting crops for Summer/Fall.


May 12th 9 to 10 am in the Greenhouse ($10.00)
Back to the basics with Rose types, care, and feeding, pests, and diseases, planting and pruning. This seminar is perfect for those of you who are relatively new to roses or would like to know more about the queens of the garden landscape.

Life is a Bowl of BERRIES! June 9

June 9, 9 to 10 am ($10.00) Seasons Building.
Nothing sweeter than going out to your backyard to pick berries for your breakfast!Join us to understand the berry growing basics, from planting to harvest. How many, what varieties, methods of staking, diseases and solutions-your whole berry basket full of questions answered!


July 14th – 9 to 10 am ($10.00) Seasons Building
From Limes to Grapefruit, there is a lot to understand about these wonderful, nutritious orbs! Soil, feeding, pruning and frost protection are just some of the subjects discussed in this tutorial.


August 11th – 9 to 10 am ($10.00) Garden Store Deck
Picture a bold colored pot brimming with shade-loving plants thriving on your porch or patio for everyone to ooh and ahh over! We can help you achieve the look by teaching you the combinations that will flourish together as well as compliment each other visually.


Sept.8th-  9 to 10 am ($10.00) Seasons Building
Houseplants are not mysterious and difficult! We will discuss the facts about watering what and when, the types of plants for high light as well as low light, pests, soils and repotting.


Oct. 13th, 9 to 10 am  ($10.00) Garden Store Deck.
Beef up your understanding of bulbs-the optimum timing, kinds of bulbs, positioning for maximum impact, how to care for them both in the soil and once they come out, how to divide.


December 15th- 9 to 10 am ($10.00) Garden Store Deck
Don’t think you can have gorgeous color in the throes of grey Winter? Think again! We will demonstrate color combinations that will knock your Socks off!

Winter’s palette can be more than lovely- come and see what you can nurture in your Garden or Patio. Dress warmly, as we will be outside

Sign up in Advance!

You may sign up for these tutorials at Alden Lane with our cashiers, or give us a call (925) 447-0280 and use your credit card. You must pay for each tutorial must in advance. They run approx. 1 hour, with 15 minutes for questions.

Our Alden Academy Series is designed for the novice gardener to give you a deeper understanding of your patch of earth and what it can yield both spiritually and physically. Our hope is that it answers some of your questions and you will continue to let our family of gardeners at Alden Lane connect with yours, and we will have a continuing conversation throughout the years.