Make the Garden Winter Proof

cloudcover[1]The low angle sun, earlier evenings and dew in the morning warn us that fall is in the air. Along with gathering in the harvest from the garden, it’s time to make a few plans for frost protection and “winter proofing” the garden.

Protect frost tender plants in the garden with spray-on Cloud Cover. Spray the leaves of the plant thoroughly on both sides to seal in moisture. This will help the plant survive those colder night temperatures we can get in the fall. Cloud Cover is available in a ready-to-use applicator or a concentrate. Make sure your plant is well watered in advance of the application. Reapply monthly for added protection.

lemon-eurekaCover Frost Tender Plants with a frost protection fabric or bag.

Decorate your frost-tender plants like citrus, bougainvillea and hibiscus with non-led outdoor Christmas tree lights then cover them with a Haxnicks Fleece Jacket made of translucent fabric.

Keep an eye on soil moisture levels around plants.  Plants use less moisture in cool weather but can actually go dry if we stretch a few weeks without rain. Water occasionally as necessary. A thirst plant will suffer damage in a freeze.