Implement Winter Feeding Strategies!

Change fertilizers for many of your shrubs this month. Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and Camellias need monthly applications of Master Bloom (0-10-10) to ensure good bud set for the spring. Citrus plants need regular feedings with Master Nursery’s Citrus Food to help protect them from frost damage.

The first cool rains of fall are a reminder that now is a great time to apply sulfur products to citrus, camellias and other acid-loving plants.

Citrus foliage commonly turns yellow in winter Soil Sulfur or Iron Sulfate help counteract this tendency.

We recommend 2-3 applications per year of some form of sulfur. Apply one before rains stop in early spring, one as rains begin in fall, and one application mid-summer.  Now is a perfect time because gentle rains (we hope) will wash nutrients into the soil.

Several products fit the bill and provide a pH adjustment which releases iron. or simply apply an iron product.  We suggest you rotate through products, applying one now and another later, so the plant gets a well-rounded diet of minerals and nutrients.

Sulfur products:
Gypsum or PH Adjuster Plus

Sulfur products containing Iron:
Greenall Iron Sulfate
Greenall F.S.T.
Master Nursery Iron Plus

Apply sulfur or iron products now to help citrus, camellias, azaleas, and gardenias stay green.

Now is also an excellent time to apply gypsum to the lawn or hydra-blue to Hydrangeas.

Lawns in general (if yours is still green) will appreciate a fertilizing before the weather gets too cold… this will help keep a green lawn through winter. Hydrangeas treated with Hydra-blue now will stay on the bluer side as opposed to pink.