The Value of Annuals

They are planted in botanical gardens around the world so there must be a reason. And that reason is: annuals are always in bloom. They never rest like their cousins the perennials. Annuals are even blooming in the month of January when most of everything is resting. They just bloom and bloom until they cannot bloom anymore.

Keep your garden looking BRIGHT during those cloudy days of winter this year by planting some of these great winter bloomers:

  • Pansy & Viola: smiling faces that say “HI” each time you go outside
  • Snapdragon: childhood memories with their “snapping” mouth shaped flowers. GREAT cut flower to cheer up a room during cloudy months.
  • Calendula: the winter marigold with its yellow and orange faces will always brighten up your garden during the grey months of winter.
  • Stock: the fragrance factor flower. Bring them into your house and they will lightly perfume a room for you.
  • Sweet Peas: plant bush form, knee hi, or tall vining varieties. Harvest many bouquets throughout the late winter and spring. The more you harvest the flowers the more the plants will give you in return.
  • Primroses & Cyclamen: These are not annuals but great winter bloomers for the shade garden. They will even bloom for you in the complete shade if you keep them on the dry side. Both will bloom and bloom when everything else is still asleep during the cloudy days of winter. They can also take full sun during Dec, Jan and Feb so you can do a mixture of all winter annuals for your winter garden.

Do not forget that the summer annuals will do the same thing for the garden. They will always be blooming their fool heads off just to make their cousins – the perennials – look lazy.

Enjoy annuals. They love to show off in your garden.