July Color in the Garden

Aaahhh summer! The living is easier.

Summer is definitely the time to enjoy your garden and patio. July is the summer midpoint and a good time to take a second look at those flowerbeds – do they need a face-lift? We have just what you need in the blooming department. 

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Fibrous Begonias
Fibrous Begonias – Another blooming beauty for the shade. Along with colors of white, red, rose, and pink begonias offer up bronze or fresh green foliage as an accent. Fibrous Begonia make an excellent border but require afternoon shade.
Cosmos – White, rose, yellow or dark pink ‘daisy’ style flowers. It is available in a variety of sizes from compact to nearly four foot tall. Cosmos has finely textured foliage and is capped by the colorful blooms each with a sunny colored ‘eye’. Hardy through the first frosts.
Alyssum – Looking for something with a heavenly scent? This is the plant for you. It has a sweet, fresh scent. It does well as a border edging or in baskets and containers. Alyssum also attracts beneficial insects that protect your garden. It is available in white, rose or purple.
Marigolds – Marigolds are summer blooming flowers whose colors range from pale yellow through bright orange and then dark rust. They are a favorite for full sun, coming in various heights from 6 to 24″. Brushing against the leaves releases its unique fragrance. Marigolds are said to be excellent companion plants, repelling some of the undesirable small sucking insects.
Petunia flowering in a clay pot
Petunias – Petunias fill a niche beautifully with their saucer-shaped flowers with a range from pinks through reds and purples. Petunias like sunny locations and can tumble nicely down the side of a pot or basket.