Refresh your Japanese Maples


August is a great time to refresh summer scorched Japanese Maples. Snip off crispy leaves even if it means de-leafing the plant. Feed with Master Nursery Formula 49 and in four weeks to the day, your maple will look “spring” refreshed, just in time for the new leaves to color up for fall.

What to do with sun-scorched leaves

If your Japanese Maple leaves are burnt you can revitalize them. Maple leaves can burn during the summer months not only from the heat but also from the wind and our alkaline soil and water.

To correct that burnt look, remove the foliage by gently pulling or snipping the damaged leaves off each branch.  If you pull the leaves, they will snap at the stem and leave a little bit of themselves on the tree.  If you push each leaf, backward toward the stem and beyond.  it will peel off cleanly at the leaf node.

Follow this with an application of fertilizer, either Master Formula 49, or Maxsea Acid Plant Food. The fertilizer gives the plant a needed energy boost, encouraging it to leaf out again. Your maple will leaf out again in 3 to 4 weeks looking spring refreshed.

Remember: Schedule your fertilizing for a time when your plants are not thirsty and the day is not too hot, (it should be under 85).

Improve next years’ leaves in spring by supplementing your feeding with Dyna-Gro Protekt. It provides soluble silica for the leaf-building process so the cell walls of each leaf are tougher and more resilient against the stressors of dry summer heat.

Additionally, help your Japanese maples through the year with pH adjusting soil additives, (Soil sulfur, Iron sulfate, or F.S.T.). Fall, spring, and mid-summer applications are recommended.  Come in for details.