Prevent Oxalis and Winter-Sprouting Weeds

Prevent Oxalis and other weeds in the lawn and around the Landscape.

This is the month to apply pre-emergent weed control to prevent a couple of spring’s tougher weeds. So, if you have Oxalis (small clover-like leaves with a yellow flower) your lawn or landscape bed has already been seeded for next year’s crop. Thousands of the microscopic seeds have been distributed after the spring and summer flower season. These seeds are poised to sprout as soon as the weather cools and rains begin.


Pre-emergent weed control products prevent seeds from sprouting but they do not control weeds that are already up and growing.  Applying Bonide Crabgrass and Weed Preventer in fall will prevent weed seeds that typically sprout with the first fall rains. Applying now prevents oxalis and annual bluegrass and helps break the life cycle of the weed, bringing it into control.

Caution! Pre-Emergents will also prevent lawn seeds from sprouting. Postpone your weed prevention if you plan to reseed a lawn in the next couple of months.