Attracting Pollinators to the Garden

woolygHummingbirds, butterflies, beneficial insects and native pollinators bring life, joy and movement to the garden and help us appreciate the smaller miracles of the natural world. Attracting Pollinators is as simple as planting the right plants and providing shelter, nectar and larval food.

Whether gardening for pleasure or to produce edibles, attracting these small marvels of nature into your garden has never been easier or more important. Alden Lane is featuring a diverse selection of natives, perennials, and annuals each month so you can “plant it and they will come”. Visit each month to see our featured profusion of beautiful host and food source plants.

Pollinator Power
“Plant it and They will Come”

We would like to encourage you to get your pollinator pride on by joining the nationwide Million Pollinator Garden Challenge” sponsored by the National Pollinator Garden network. The network is rallying us all, from window box gardeners to those with yards and larger properties, to help ensure the health of our local flora and fauna. It’s as easy as visiting their website or visiting Twitter #PolliNation and registering your garden.