Orchids Made Easy!

Elegant Orchids Made Easy!
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Ever wanted to know more about these classic beauties, but were daunted and confused by the internet info? Join us at ­Alden Lane for a “Path to ­Orchid Enlightenment!”

We don’t ­promise complete nirvana, but what we do promise is practical advice and hands on demonstrations that will certainly give you a greater understanding of the needs of these lovely plants and how to keep them healthy and producing flowers for years to come.

Our resident expert, Sue Fordyce, will cover repotting, watering, light, pests, and ­fertilizer. By the end of the hour and a half, you will have a greater confidence and ­understanding on how to make your orchids grow and thrive.

You are welcome to bring an orchid or two you may have questions about for a free consult. The cost for the class is $15.00, and you can bring a friend for free! Contact our Alden Lane Cashiers (925)447-0280 and reserve your space today.

Helpful Tips

The following are a few tips Sue shares to get you on the right path with your orchids

When in doubt, go drought! It is much better to dry an orchid out than to risk over-watering — most are designed to go through drought periods. It is worse to create an environment of slow death by killing it with kindness and drowning the roots and/or creating root rot.

Whatever you do, do it before noon! Orchids will react far better to care early in the day rather than later.

Light, Light, LIGHT! Most orchids will not bloom without it. We all say we have enough, but if you have had it for over a year without blooms, you don’t. Give as much filtered bright light for as long as possible, without putting it in direct, midday sun.

Beware of Sunburn! If you place an orchid in a very bright, hot window, leave it for 5 minutes then feel the leaf– if it is warm you need to move it further back from the light or it will sunburn.

Most house orchids like to be watered about once a week. Pick up the container and see how light it is. Note: moisture meters don’t work in bark mixtures or moss. When you do water don’t be stingy — flood them well, let them drain, and dry them out thoroughly in between waterings.

When repotting an orchid, pick the pot you will use in repotting AFTER you have unpotted the orchid. You pot according to how many roots you have; not according to how big your plant is. Once you uncover the roots and do some trimming, you may decide it doesn’t need a bigger pot after all. They all love to be tight in the pot with just a smidge of wiggle room.

Orchids are beautiful and can be fun to grow and show off. Plan to attend this fun and informative Orchid Therapy class and learn how to grow orchids your friends and neighbors will envy.