Fruit Trees

Our 2018 fruit tree list has been published with several pages of mouthwatering options. (napkin advised).

See our 2018 Fruit Tree Collection

Order fruit trees beyond our 2018 collection

Dave Wilson Nursery permits us to special order small quantities of fruit trees from their entire list for delivery in January 2018.  You can stretch beyond the broad collection we normally carry and choose from an even broader assortment, and you can order as little as one.

All special order fruit trees receive a 20% discount off 2018 prices. Special Orders may be placed between now and November 5th.

See our 2018 Special Order Fruit Tree List

Backyard orchard culture differs from commercial orchard culture in several ways. Essentially you can plant more densely in a backyard and keep trees smaller with summer pruning. Read many concepts for getting the most out of your space. See our backyard orchard page

Vegetable gardening is in full swing by April of every year, but in our mild climate, there is something to plant almost every month of the year.

Click here to see our vegetable planting guide.

We do not ship plants

By the way, about shipping – Alden Lane Nursery is a beautiful nursery to explore in person, but we are not an online store. Our Website is here to help our local customers with helpful information.  We have to say we’re sorry to those who live outside of our area, who find us on the web and would like us to ship plants.

We would love to see you face to face!  Come see us when you are in the bay area, but we are not set up to ship plants outside of our local region.