Late Summer Garden Color

Low – 4-6″

alyssum - summer garden color

August flower beds often suffer something of an identity crisis. Many of the annuals we planted early in the year are past their prime. But, while it’s a hot and dry time of the year, it’s not too late for planting some late summer garden color.




There are many garden flowers ready to turn even the most unsightly bare spots into a bright, colorful oasis. Spruce up your sunny flower beds with these options.

Medium – 8-10″
marigolds, petunias and vinca flowers - summer garden color

Tall 18″+
cosmos, zinnias and snap dragons

With the exception of the zinnias, all of the above will do well in half sun, half shade. New Guinea impatiens and begonias will also brighten any spot that gets a full morning of sun or shade. Remember that you can create living bouquets with these annuals.

All but the Vinca would also benefit from the addition of Soil Moist Granules, cutting the water needs by half.