Plant Blueberries for your Health as well as your Tastebuds

Blueberries are just one of the many berries that require very little care and are loaded with both good flavor and health benefits. You can easily enjoy a season-long harvest of health enhancing berries by planting an early season, a mid-season and late season variety.

Plant an abundance of plants if you want to freeze berries to enjoy the rest of the year. It has been said, plant 2 plants for each member of your household to provide a good supply of berries for all.

Blueberries are also very attractive. Their pretty white and pink flowers in spring are followed by delicious fruit in summer. Pick them fresh for eating, baking pies, or pancakes! Plant two blueberry bushes per family member for an ample supply of fresh berries throughout summer. Plant more if you plan to freeze.

These super fruits grow best in afternoon shade with an acidic soil in the ground or in large pots, (a 2×4′ raised bed kit is ideal for 2 blueberry plants). There are many varieties of blueberries with varying fruit sizes and subtle flavor differences to extend the ripening season from late spring into late summer.

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Reveille (Early June)

Reveille has a unique crisp, almost crunchy texture and the outstanding popping flavor is a good performer with large crops of light blue, medium size berries. Planting with another variety can produce a larger Crop, This variety needs around 600 chilling hours. to 5′ high.

Misty (Early June)
Early season ripening, Misty is one of the most attractive southern highbush varieties. The bright blue-green foliage provides a perfect contrast to the hot pink spring flowers and sky blue summer fruit. The berries are medium to large size and of excellent quality. Misty has an evergreen tendency in areas with mild winters. Yields best when planted with other blueberries. Chilling needs are very low 300 hours*.

Sharp's Blue
Sharp’s Blue (Late May)
Dime-sized berries! Excels in warmer climates as it requires fewer than 500 chilling hours* per year. Fruits are sweet and high in antioxidants. A
popular commercial variety, now you can enjoy these same berries picked fresh from your own backyard. Ripens early in the season.

South Moon
South Moon (Early June)
Delicious, large, sky-blue fruit ripens in early summer. It is highly productive in areas where it will receive as few as 500 hours of winter chill*. White bell-shaped flowers and colorful fall foliage are added ornamental benefits.

Sunshine Blue
O’Neal (Late May, Early June)
O’Neal is known as a Southern Highbush variety because it tolerates hot summers and has low chill requirements. It bears especially sweet and flavorful fruit, but planting with another variety can produce a larger crop. Can get 5′-6″ tall.

*Winter chill hours refers to the total number of hours that temperatures are below 45 degrees throughout the cool season.

Feed acid-loving plants like blueberries now using Cottonseed Meal.  It’s organic, acidic and nitrogen rich.