Bare Root Onions

Bare root onions typically arrive early to mid-November and remain in stock only a short time.  Red and white are in stock now, Torpedo and yellow onions expected early this week

Many gardeners wait for this moment, come in while supplies are good.

Our supplier starts the onions from seed in August and carefully nurtures them along to bare root stage.  These onions come in varieties including yellow, white, Torpedo, and gardener’s favorite, Stockton Red. We bundle them in packs of 30. Bare root is the preferred method of planting for many long-time gardeners.

Onions grow best during cool weather and are usually planted in the fall in California for late spring harvest. Plant in rows 1 to 2 feet apart in a moist seedbed, in full sun. Bare root seedlings should be planted 1 inch deep and 6″ apart.

Use our Recipe for Good Garden Soil and then get ready to plant.