Perennials from 6-packs

The end of summer marks a perfect time to invest in your garden with a few starts of perennial or biennial color. Planting these young plants now will allow them to establish over winter and bloom gloriously next spring.  This is a very satisfying way to garden. These plants are small, young, easy to plant and grow, and for a small investment, you can enjoy a wealth of rewards next year.

Bhollyhock-fredricksiennials include Foxgloves, Hollyhocks, and Canterbury Bells. They complete their life cycle by bridging 2 years. Start them in 2017 and enjoy them in 2018.



Perennials continue to bloom beyond a couple years and more. These include Coral Bells, various daisies, Delphinium and Verbena.

Planting in the fall is gentle on plants and allows them to establish more easily.

armeria-fredricksCome in to see our 6-pack and 4″ perennial collection.  Also look in our 6-pack sun groundcover section; Verbena, Santa Barbara Daisy and African Daisy, Sea Pink, among others are great perennials to plant now.

Prepare a generous planting hole for each plant. (If you prepare a 1-gallon size hole for these 2″ plants, you will soon have a 1-gallon size plant.)

status-fredricksStart them out well with E. B. Stone Sure Start Organic Fertilizer with Mycorrhizae (a beneficial fungus).